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Thatcher mass murderer accomplice

April 8, 2013


The enemy within!

April 8, 2013

So Margaret “there is no such thing as society” Thatcher has gone but the evil legacy of greed before need is still with us and getting worse. No doubt in the next few days, the corporate media will sychophantically portray her as a “great Briton” yet most who know what she was about will have the true facts at their disposal.

Record unemployment, devastated communities, deregulation of finance that has all but caused the collapse of the real economy and greed! Yes greed! Thatcher was the high priestess of selfisness which preached that getting ahead was good and  those left behind deserved to be! Strike a chord? Yes the same message preached by her neo liberal followers, Blair, Cameron and other economic clowns.

She was also a racist as seen by her support of apparteid for which Cameron apologised to Nelson Mandela for just recently. (You won’t hear that in the corporate media)

But it is as a miner that I will forever hold this excuse for a human being in eternal contempt. To state that my father and other mining relatives who fought in wars for the ruling elites was the “enemy within” during our strike of 1984 was and is beneath contempt. She demonised large swathes of good honest hard working mining people, and the lesson we should learn is that Cameron and his ilk are doing exactly the same by demonising the disabled, the unemployed and anyone who dares to challenge the politics of greed!

Thatcher was a traitor plain and simple! She sold this country out to big business and their parasitic friends in the city. What we have now because of her is a parody of democracy where no one is heard, except that is, if you are an influential lobbyist with lots of filthy cash.

Farewell Thatcher, you will be forever the enemy within!

What the super rich really do!

February 19, 2013

Gove the class warrior!

February 17, 2013

Of all the free market moronic Ideologues in the Tory party, Gove stands out as one of the most vicious and destructive in attempting to do away with state education.Yes it was blue labour that gave him a way in through their fixation with private/independent is best attitude that has led to a proliferation of “academies”, but Gove is going further by trying to hand them over to big business so that they can make a fast buck at the expense of our kids.

What will be left will be a rump teaching a narrow curriculum (see Gove messing with history) that brainwashes kids in to believing that out rule class are wonderful!,d.d2k

The fact of the matter is this person has no knowledge of education and that is why he has been put there, to destroy any last vestiges of state provision. Watch this space and see!


GoldmanSachs – Murdering bastards gamble on food price rises

January 21, 2013

You could not make it up. When are these destructive malevolent bastards going to get what is coming to them?

Big business and the tories get rid of the unwanted

January 19, 2013

The multinational ATOS making mega bucks out of “health assessments” for those who cannot work are actually driving people to their deaths. Read the article here.

This government in effect is murdering working class people who cannot defend themselves.

Stafford Hospital – Same old “lessons will be learnt” bullshit

January 6, 2013

1000 people died needlessly because people were too frightened to speak out against managerial excesses of bullying and self interest! Is this a rare occurrence or is it endemic of UK workplaces, and what does that say about accountability and democracy in the UK. Well it says a lot really about greedy unaccountable CEOs who regard both public and private sector organisations as cash cows to be milked for their own gratification. More importantly, it tell us that politicians of every hue go along with this macho management style and at least for the last 15 years have encouraged and applauded these dickheads.

But where are the unions? In their defence they are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t. If we put up a fight, we are castigated by the corporate media and blue labour and tory right wing zealots. If we don’t fight, we are seen as irrelevant and weak by our members. What we need to do is shout out loud about bad management everywhere and bugger the consequences. If we don’t, other tragedies like Stafford are just waiting to happen!

Bullshit Economics

April 22, 2012

The Tories since Thatcher have always sought to justify there savage cuts to any sort of social provision as not spending what we have  not got! This is echoed by the propagandists in the corporate media wo constantly call for more savage cuts “to pay our way as a nation”

Why then using their own corrupt framework are we about to lend £10 billion to the corrupt IMF, another bankers haven, in order for other “indebted” countries to pay off the bankers (markets/investors) again.

This is bullshit economics that should be ripped apart at very opportunity!

BUT, where is the labour party once again? When it could be explaining this bullshit to ordinary people and attacking this madness, it sits there and says nothing whilst people lose their jobs and life prospects!

If we have £10 billion and Osbourne says we have, why have we needed to cut the public sector so savagely and why don’t Labour make this link?


Right Wing Newspeak

April 9, 2012

Language is very important and the saying “knowledge is power” is very true. That is why the ruling elites in conjunction with big business and media seek to confuse the mass of people who still tend to defer to “authority” Lets beak the mould and do some sophisticated detangling of the words and phrases these arsehole use to confuse us. Lets start with some simple ones first shall we?

1. Economic wellbeing – health profits for big business and riches for the 1%

2. National interest – Interests of big business and the 1%

3. Freedom and choice – for those who have lots of money and can afford to pay

4. Reform – Attacking working people’s living standards for privateering intervention

5. Modernising – Essentially the same as reform but sounds better. Modernising the NHS sounds better than fucking it up and giving the rump to privateers doesn’t it?

6. We are all in this together – YOU lot will pay for all our mistakes so that we can carry on fleecing you as we have done for the last 30 years.

7. We need to pay our way! – Similar to above as we need to pay for their unadulterated greed and thirst for war mongering. It is much more satisfying for the elites to kill Afgani women and children that than to protect the pensions of workers. No brainer here eh?

8. Freedom from the big state – No social provision whatsoever but if you protest the growing power of the centralised state, politicised police, judiciary, army will bang you up or even kill you on the streets if necessary.

9. No alternative – Carry on with the same economic and politcal quackery that people have had to suffer for the last 30 years. i.e no hope, no future, no democracy!

10. Strong growth – ordinary people working harder – more unemployed – bigger profits for big greedy business.

And there you have it! Only a taster of the Goebals style language these lying bastards use but there is a saying “if you tell a lie big enough and often enough”………


Free Marketeers want end of welfare state!

February 13, 2012

As if we didn’t know! A so called analyst on Russia Today stated quite clearly that “as a free marketeer I want to see the end of the welfare state (in Greece of all places). What the f…  is she poking her greedy nose in there for as she is an American. But goes on to say that this will destroy a lot of peoples’ lives. But she doesn’t care as long as she gets the greedy vicious non caring society that she wants. To rub salt into wounds she is actually based in London and no doubt agrees with the present attempt to destroy the NHS. Why do we continue to share the same planet as these people?