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Thatcher mass murderer accomplice

April 8, 2013


The enemy within!

April 8, 2013

So Margaret “there is no such thing as society” Thatcher has gone but the evil legacy of greed before need is still with us and getting worse. No doubt in the next few days, the corporate media will sychophantically portray her as a “great Briton” yet most who know what she was about will have the true facts at their disposal.

Record unemployment, devastated communities, deregulation of finance that has all but caused the collapse of the real economy and greed! Yes greed! Thatcher was the high priestess of selfisness which preached that getting ahead was good and  those left behind deserved to be! Strike a chord? Yes the same message preached by her neo liberal followers, Blair, Cameron and other economic clowns.

She was also a racist as seen by her support of apparteid for which Cameron apologised to Nelson Mandela for just recently. (You won’t hear that in the corporate media)

But it is as a miner that I will forever hold this excuse for a human being in eternal contempt. To state that my father and other mining relatives who fought in wars for the ruling elites was the “enemy within” during our strike of 1984 was and is beneath contempt. She demonised large swathes of good honest hard working mining people, and the lesson we should learn is that Cameron and his ilk are doing exactly the same by demonising the disabled, the unemployed and anyone who dares to challenge the politics of greed!

Thatcher was a traitor plain and simple! She sold this country out to big business and their parasitic friends in the city. What we have now because of her is a parody of democracy where no one is heard, except that is, if you are an influential lobbyist with lots of filthy cash.

Farewell Thatcher, you will be forever the enemy within!