Stafford Hospital – Same old “lessons will be learnt” bullshit

1000 people died needlessly because people were too frightened to speak out against managerial excesses of bullying and self interest! Is this a rare occurrence or is it endemic of UK workplaces, and what does that say about accountability and democracy in the UK. Well it says a lot really about greedy unaccountable CEOs who regard both public and private sector organisations as cash cows to be milked for their own gratification. More importantly, it tell us that politicians of every hue go along with this macho management style and at least for the last 15 years have encouraged and applauded these dickheads.

But where are the unions? In their defence they are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t. If we put up a fight, we are castigated by the corporate media and blue labour and tory right wing zealots. If we don’t fight, we are seen as irrelevant and weak by our members. What we need to do is shout out loud about bad management everywhere and bugger the consequences. If we don’t, other tragedies like Stafford are just waiting to happen!


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