Bullshit Economics

The Tories since Thatcher have always sought to justify there savage cuts to any sort of social provision as not spending what we have  not got! This is echoed by the propagandists in the corporate media wo constantly call for more savage cuts “to pay our way as a nation”

Why then using their own corrupt framework are we about to lend £10 billion to the corrupt IMF, another bankers haven, in order for other “indebted” countries to pay off the bankers (markets/investors) again.

This is bullshit economics that should be ripped apart at very opportunity!

BUT, where is the labour party once again? When it could be explaining this bullshit to ordinary people and attacking this madness, it sits there and says nothing whilst people lose their jobs and life prospects!

If we have £10 billion and Osbourne says we have, why have we needed to cut the public sector so savagely and why don’t Labour make this link?



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