Right Wing Newspeak

Language is very important and the saying “knowledge is power” is very true. That is why the ruling elites in conjunction with big business and media seek to confuse the mass of people who still tend to defer to “authority” Lets beak the mould and do some sophisticated detangling of the words and phrases these arsehole use to confuse us. Lets start with some simple ones first shall we?

1. Economic wellbeing – health profits for big business and riches for the 1%

2. National interest – Interests of big business and the 1%

3. Freedom and choice – for those who have lots of money and can afford to pay

4. Reform – Attacking working people’s living standards for privateering intervention

5. Modernising – Essentially the same as reform but sounds better. Modernising the NHS sounds better than fucking it up and giving the rump to privateers doesn’t it?

6. We are all in this together – YOU lot will pay for all our mistakes so that we can carry on fleecing you as we have done for the last 30 years.

7. We need to pay our way! – Similar to above as we need to pay for their unadulterated greed and thirst for war mongering. It is much more satisfying for the elites to kill Afgani women and children that than to protect the pensions of workers. No brainer here eh?

8. Freedom from the big state – No social provision whatsoever but if you protest the growing power of the centralised state, politicised police, judiciary, army will bang you up or even kill you on the streets if necessary.

9. No alternative – Carry on with the same economic and politcal quackery that people have had to suffer for the last 30 years. i.e no hope, no future, no democracy!

10. Strong growth – ordinary people working harder – more unemployed – bigger profits for big greedy business.

And there you have it! Only a taster of the Goebals style language these lying bastards use but there is a saying “if you tell a lie big enough and often enough”………



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