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Paying for the Bankers again and again and again….

December 23, 2011

This government is determined to make ordinary people pay for the greed of their cronies in the paper money sector. The pensions “deal” is sham that will result in workers paying more which in effect is another pay cut on top of the pay freezes already imposed on the public sector. In essence we will work longer pay more, get less and suffer massive job insecurity until we say enough is enough.

As important is the stealthy attack on workplace democracy. Right wing Nazi associating tory MPs are determined to wipe out any paid workplace representation both in the public and private sector. This shows in reality where our so called democracy is headed. If we capitulate over this issue, then mark my words, we are well on the way to a neo facist type state and “democracy” will only be available to those that have money!

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Words Matter

December 18, 2011

So Aidan (nazi sympathizer) Burley, MP for Cannock has been sacked from a job in the Tory pary because he was found to have done something that was “offensive and foolish” Try telling that to the millions people who lost or had their lives devastated by nazi thugs.

But what people might not know, Burly is part of a concerted campaign to destroy trade unions in the public sector. He wants facilities time abolished and in effect stop the functioning of trade unions in the public sector.

It should not be lost on anyone (although it has been airbrushed out of history) that trade unionists were the first group to be targetted by Hitler and thrown into labour camps(concentration camps) and that Burley and his friends through their disgusting behaviour show their true colours in where the rabid right want to be! Beware!

Who do we owe this “debt” to?

December 4, 2011

The propaganda continully pouring forth from neo liberal politicians and media in the UK say we have to pay our way to prevent the markets from getting “jittery”

Who are these markets that get “jittery” and who are we paying back? Well let me tell you it is the same parasitic bunch of wankers that we bailed out in the first place. They are now speculating on the level of debt country’s have that was used to bale these twats out. Talk abot biting the hand that feeds you!

Don’t believe me?

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