Propaganda vs Truth

There was the term “economical with the truth”, then Blue labour made an art form out of spin, but whatever its name, it basically boils down to attempts to provide wrong, confusing, at best inaccurate information to the public. The coalition have taken this to new heights. Their view is if you tell a lie big enough it will become the norm.

Take the financial crisis. First it was Labout profligacy of spending, then it was a bloated public sector. Now it is these foreigners in the Euro who are doing us down. These people along with their sycophants in the media now tell open lies and hope that we will believe them! The Northern Rock giveaway is a classic! It is “good business to get the taxpayer out of running a bank” so says Osbourne whlist ommiting to say that we still have the toxic assets in out possession. But their lies have meaning. How long will it be before they continue the line i.e it is good business for the taxpayer to get out of the job of running the health service or education, or any social provision.

These bigots are what they are, LIARS to boot and that should be what they are called!


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