The Tories and extreme right wing republicans – They all piss in the same pot!

Have a look at events in the USA and you will be able to predict what the Condems will do next! Right wing republicans called for tax cuts for the rich and a reduction in corporation tax. They got it! The Condems have done the same. Right wing republicans have called for swingeing public sector cuts. They got it! The Condems have done the same! You guessed it, the siren call from republicans for less regulation (less protection for ordinary working people) has been echoed by Cameron.

And most dangerously, these extremists have derognised unions in Winsconsin and Iowa so that working people find it even harder to fight back! Now look at Plymouth council, Tory led and derecognising UNISON. Do you get the picture?

The free market does not recognise the legitimate aims and aspirations of working people and is in compatible with democracy as we know it! It is about time we stopped pussyfooting and recognise this or we have had it!


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