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Wealthy Germans are for inreased taxation for the rich! Where are our “patriots”?

August 30, 2011

Mega wealthy Germans have called for increased taxes on the rich but our UK mega wealthy “patriots’ ” silence is deafening! It makes the statement “we’re all in this together” exactly what it is! Bullshit!

They actually think they deserve disproportionate amounts of the national income leaving the rest of us losing our jobs and services.


Alice in wonderland politics

August 29, 2011

I am not the brightest button on a shirt but I keep having to pinch myself when politicos and media hacks talk about the centre ground of politics. This is complete and utter bullshit!

For the last 30 years, there has been a seismic shift rightwards embracing a free for all market theory that has resulted in the banking catastrophe and other quack market failures. If we are to take our country back from these zealots, we need to start talking about Keynsian and redistributive policies once more if we are to avoid the social strife seen on the streets so recently.

If Labour are to return to the politics of decency rather than carry on the politcs of greed they need to do the following:-

1. A bold commitment to govern in the interests of the citizens of the UK rather than pander to big business and media elites.

2. A move away from calling people consumers to active citizenship thus reinvigorating our failing democracy.

3. A commitment to government that actively intervenes in the economy with a view to making goods in this country once more!

4. A once and for all rebuttal that private is good public is bad. Good public services go hand in hand with a vibrant private sector.

5. Open up the tax debate and focus on those individuals and corporations that evade their responsibilities

6. Break up the media so that no one person or entity becomes so powerful that they can distort the democratic process.

This is just the start! If these proposals were put to the British people, then I am sure Labour would get a positive response. Yes those on the hysterical right would shout socialism or communism but his is how far we have moved to the right when those can accuse the politics of decency as being far left!

Will the greedy bastards show a bit of solidarity here? I think not!

August 26, 2011

Sixteen very rich French citizens have openly called for more taxation for the rich thus giving a lie to the fact that the wealthy cannot afford it and it would stop them creating wealth (who really creates wealth?)

Can you see this happening in GB (Greedy Britannia)? No of course not! Whilst the likes of Richard Branson and other greedy clones like to see themselves as patriots, (remember he risked his life to fly a hot air balloon for Britain. Did he hell as like) they enthusiastically subcribe to the politics of greed and can see no wrong in their banker friends screwing up the country, their constant lobbying for lower taxes for the rich, and the rest of us seeing our society destroyed to pay for it.

The Tories and extreme right wing republicans – They all piss in the same pot!

August 18, 2011

Have a look at events in the USA and you will be able to predict what the Condems will do next! Right wing republicans called for tax cuts for the rich and a reduction in corporation tax. They got it! The Condems have done the same. Right wing republicans have called for swingeing public sector cuts. They got it! The Condems have done the same! You guessed it, the siren call from republicans for less regulation (less protection for ordinary working people) has been echoed by Cameron.

And most dangerously, these extremists have derognised unions in Winsconsin and Iowa so that working people find it even harder to fight back! Now look at Plymouth council, Tory led and derecognising UNISON. Do you get the picture?

The free market does not recognise the legitimate aims and aspirations of working people and is in compatible with democracy as we know it! It is about time we stopped pussyfooting and recognise this or we have had it!