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We must fight on!

March 27, 2011

I was proud to be on the march yesterday that saw in excess of 400,000 decent people take to the streets of London to protest at the growing violence of this government against their communities!

I for one will not condemn those people who by direct action seek to defend us from corporate malice and I congratulate those who have the courage to expose McDonalds, Next and HSBC for what they are, community and people destroyers.

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Conniving Bastards!

March 13, 2011

The real agenda for the NHS and how they are trying to push it through!

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Tell a lie big enough!

March 13, 2011

In the last post I argued that the “centre” ground has shifted massively to the right and that some who regard themselves as “left” do not have the core values that make for a decent society. Clegg is reeling out the same old claptrap in saying that his party is ” middle for the middle”. Bullshit! Try telling that to lower and middle income earners who are being sacked or facing the sack because of the bailout of the wealthy parasites. Try telling that to those in the middle who will bear the brunt of the cuts and who will see remaining services privatised at the behest of corporate greed!

Sadly, if you tell a lie big enough, some will be taken in by it!

What is left and who is right?

March 11, 2011

There is obvious confusion about what it means to be on the left in the UK. For example some who class themselves on the left would now be well to right of the Heathites in the 1970’s, and certainly the Social Democrats of the 1980’s were well to the left of Blairism! I would submit that left values are not ones that can be shifted around depending on the political and economic circumstances of the time but are values and policies that make for a decent society for all, rather than a wealthy few.

1. We should be committed to a fair distribution of wealth through taxation and other redistributive policies. Those who can afford to pay should and show their commitment to society by doing so unequivocably!

2. Key services and industries should not be left to corporate monopolists but should be the preserve of society where we the people set the standards i.e transport, water, gas, electricity, education, health service etc, should be socially owned providing the  basis of giving everyone a decent standard of living buttressed by a benefits system that looks after the genuinely sick and vulnerable.

3. Full quality employment leading to quality retirement should be a key focus. Is it really economic to ship consumerables and food that could be produced at home, half way around the world, when the real cost in terms of global warming is currently discounted? Some indispenable global trade yes! but not based on cheap labour or colonial exploitation falsely labelled, helping the developing world. Huge corporations should be broken up and and markets relocated to main street rather than Wall Street or the City. Yes there is a place for markets as long as they fit in with the ethis of a good society!

4. A free and factual based information society, not some “free press” that is at the whim of rich individuals who seek to transpose their corrosive thinkiing and policies upon us.

5. Above all, accountablity for all who seek power, for power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Demcoracy should does it what it says on the tin, rule for the people and by the people.

6.  We should encourage individual ability in the context of contributing to collectivity. After all it is better to give than to take!

Surely all you on the left would agree with these ideals and for those who disagree, don’t masquerade as someone who really cares!

Financial Times say call banks bluff

March 9, 2011

The top big businesss paper is now calling for the governerment to call the bluff of banks who threaten to relocate abroad. Like I said they ought to fuck off so that we can have socially owned banks that do socially useful work.

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“Bank Blackmails the UK”

March 6, 2011

HCSB it is rumoured (who started the rumour?) is to relocate to Hong Kong because it doesn’t want to be regulated. This is a bank that although not taking any UK bailout money would have failed if the other banks had been let go to the wall!

The greed and abuse of power of these bastard knows no bounds. Until these threats are countered, we always as a sovereign nation be subject to a minority corporate will. Fuck off to them I say!

Collective greed is wearing thin!

March 6, 2011

Even Mervyn King the Bank of England head can no longer hide or defend the destructive capacity of the Banks in their quest to appease their shareholders. Lo and belold, he informs us that they are putting short term profit before people! Yes Mervyn, we know that but what are we going to do about it. The proposed regulation is a sham and and Osbourne’s recent reform will help the banks divest any shred of social and econonic responsibility to the UK.



March 3, 2011

Surprise surprise! In the week that the coalition announce that there must be greater competition in the NHS, they bow to Murdoch’s demand that he be allowed to collar most of the media in this county!

He is to be allowed to take over BSBskyB as well as owning newspapers and much of the UK’s commerical radio.

What should we do? Boycott the bloody lot as it is no use appealing to the coalition’s own market philosophy when it comes to big business. They don’t have one other than to pander to there every whim which corrodes our democracy at every turn!