Leaving Lloyds TSB!

After 37 years as a customer of Lloyds TSB, I have decided to leave and go with a mutual!

Lloyds announced 2.2billion pounds worth of profit this week and yet shareholders are still not satisfied with the size of the rip off for cutomers like me (bank charges, huge interest rates on loans, dodgy customer service practices), yet we own 84% of this bank because of the bailout.

This “profit” should go to repaying the debt banks such as Lloyds got us into and the bank should be fully nationalised with a remit to invest in works that benefit us all as opposed to speculating pimps. If this happened I would be only to glad to stay with a bank that was once respected. As it is, I am not prepraed to contribute to those profits which will allow this robin hood government to steal from us and give to the rich by giving it back to the private sector.

I hope more Lloyds customers feel the same way and move to more socially enlightened financial institutions!


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