Free market Tyrants Ready to import Scabs!

The coalition are readying to attack workers’ rights to defend their jobs and communities.  Cameron aims to farm out public services to his big business friends and in doing so they are already making plans to kill the unions off  by stopping the check off (whereby union dues are deducted by the employer and then paid to the union) and recruiting scabs to break strikes.

Their friends in the corporate media are already character assassinating any union leader who dares to stand up to what is starkly, an attack on the democratic organisations of working people.

Bob Crow and Mark Sewotka have been targetted and it should be the duty of every trade unionist to stand along side them!

Best of all, the market dictator cavorts off to the middle east lecturing the Arab peoples on democracy. Who does he think were at the forefront of such unrest against dictators? Yes. you’ve got it! The trade unions!


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